MCAC Calgary

Who We Are

Bringing together all the malayalees in calgary

Malayalee Cultural Association of Calgary (MCAC) is the only organization that brings together all the Malayalees settled in Calgary since its inception in April 1986. The history of oneness amongst Calgary Malayalees but date back to the 60s when the first families started to settle in this part of Canada.

              MCAC’s goals and objectives were to engage in activities that promote understanding, appreciation and respect for being Malayalees; transmit knowledge of our culture, values, tradition and festivals to our youngsters and others with whom we share this city and country; encourage our members, especially our youngsters, to develop their talents and to appreciate and support their educational and extra-curricular achievements; create a sense of enjoyment and community feeling among us; and develop mutual understanding and appreciation of other cultures.

MCAC also leads and assists in many fundraising activities especially supporting families that faces any misfortunes or losses. The fundraising efforts by Association during the Kerala Flood Relief is another prime example of the high spirits shown by the Calgary Malayalees. Association also provides support to local charities, as well as help to newcomers to Canada with special seminars organized along with sponsors.

Our History

The Journey Continues…



Founded MCAC

This is when the journey started.

An initiative that the association has taken up since 2014 was Malayalam School to teach and encourage our younger generations so as to learn and speak Malayalam even as they deepen their roots in Canada. Malayalam School consists of over 40 registered students and six teachers and currently now conducts classes every week during the school year at two locations in Calgary.



Sports Club (Volleyball & Badminton) that gathers weekly in Genesis Centre as well organizing various tournaments yearly commemorating the end of a season. MCAC has organized Open Badminton Tournament for all outside of Malayalee community, Badminton Tournament for just Malayalees and Volleyball Tournament for actively participating Volley Ballers. The tournaments were not organized just Calgary but had participants from various parts of Alberta.

Executive Committee